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ATTI Brand Standards

The Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. brand standards document was designed to organize the company marketing standards. The document was given to each employee and it served as a guide for them to reference anything brand related. It contained the proper use of the company logo, font families, business card layout, power point presentation, email signature, and more resourceful information about the company brand. Employees had to follow brand standards for any outgoing or client facing material.

I designed the document to be visually appealing and easy to read. I wanted employees to fully understand the reason behind the company standards, and the importance of having cohesive brand.


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Access Data Healthcare Brief

Access Data is a cyber security software company from Lindon, Utah. Their different security services and products help many stand-alone and enterprise level industries against fraudulent activities.

I was tasked to design their healthcare industry brief. The brief was going to be given to different healthcare companies in hopes to educate customers and potentially earn their business. With this in mind, I focused on delivering high impact infographics and useful content that illustrates the need for security software.