Leap Motion for Music



The Leap Motion is a wireless gesture controller that allows the user to interact wirelessly with their computer through hand gestures.
The company started as a Kickstarter project back in 2012 offering users a new way of computer interaction.


Leap Motion controller was new to the market and although there were some things that set it apart from the competition (Kinect & Wii Remote), it was still seen a toy for the user. There was no benefit for the user to buy something if it wasn’t better than the name brand.


The solution was to demonstrate how versatile the Leap Motion controller is and how its technology can revolutionize different industries.


I wanted to focus my attention to the music industry. Just like all creatives, musicians are always on the hunt for something unique and different. I dedicated my time and effort to find the perfect fit for the Leap Motion for music producers.


After much research, program mapping/design, and user testing I concluded with a report of what the Leap motion can bring to the table as far as music production goes.